Learn How to Swing Dance


Hepcat Studio is the premiere source for swing dance lessons, live bands and dance events in Winnipeg. Want to know why we like to dance?

It's a great source of exercise!
  • The speed and intensity varies from slow to fast depending on the style of dance and the music. It's a great way to get in shape.
  • Swing dancing is a great cardio workout that's not only fun, but easy!
Be a part of a social network!
  • Partner dancing is an amazing social activity. Men and women of all backgrounds and all ages enjoy swing dancing. There's no need to bring a partner, and we encourage you to bring friends.
  • Share a few dances, some good stories and a great time at our weekly dance, Saturday Night Swing Out!
Challenge yourself like never before!
  • Many people come to us with little to no dance experience. Whether you pick up fast or need a little extra time to perfect your moves, Hepcat Studio's small class size and multiple instructors will ensure that you're kept up to speed and sufficiently challenged.
It's fun!
  • At Hepcat Studios, we are committed to keeping the classes light and fun.
  • Each style of dance (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Blues) has its own charm and appeal. Have fun learning your favourite dance with our knowledgeable instructors.

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