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Dance Lessons

Our primary goal at Hepcat Studio is to provide an opportunity for first-timers and dancers of other styles to enter a safe and friendly environment in which to learn swing dancing. Each dance instructor travels frequently to compete and train, so that Winnipeg's Swing Dance Scene remains fresh and up-to-date! Check our Calendar for the schedule.

Private Lessons

We recognize that some people prefer to dance away from prying eyes. There are others that want more one-on-one training. For you, we offer dance lessons in the privacy of your own home (or ours if you like). E-mail us to book a time.


Let Hepcat Studio ensure that your perfect day finishes with a perfect dance. We offer personalized choreographed routines and private dance lessons fitted to your schedules. Spice up your slow dance with that special someone by learning a few blues dips and tricks.


Hepcat Studio offers special private workshops to Universities, Colleges, and High schools. Whether you're organizing a grad or planning a musical, our dance workshops or weekly lessons are sure to make your event even better.

P.E. teachers, are you looking for something a little different to get your students active? Swing dancing is a fun way to get the non-athletes of the class engaged in physical activity.


YES! We do DJ! Finding the right music can often be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our instructors have some of the largest and most diverse collection of swing dance tunes around including: jazz, big band, blues, and much, much more! We will customize your set and even provide the sound system. Call us for a quote today!

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