LindyGoGo Lindy Exchange

LindyGoGo Lindy Exchange

When: Starting Friday, February 2nd until to February 4th, 2018, 7:00 PM - 4:30 PM
What: Reviving a historic ballroom through a fundraiser exchange that also coincides with the production of the film If It Ain't Got..., this exciting opportunity to invest in the Winnipeg swing scene and take part in an indie project will share and foster the love of the dance and community. Don't miss out!

The Lindygogo exchange will take place February 2 - 4, 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Both nights will feature dancing to a live band and late night DJs. The current schedule is as follows:

Friday Night

Jam circle filming

Dance: 9pm - 12am

Late Night: 12am - TBA

Saturday Afternoon

Big Money Competition Prelims: Exact time TBA (win $1000!)

King's Head dance and dinner: 5pm - 8pm

Saturday Night

Dance: 9pm - 12am

Big Money Finals

Late Night: 12am - TBA

Sunday Afternoon

Brunch: 1pm - 4pm


Q: What's this "Big Money" competition I see?

A: For an entry fee of $10 per person, this Mix and Match style competition offers a prize of $1000! Participation is voluntary.

Q: Why not put that money towards the ballroom?

A: The goal of the competition is to give back to those who have shown dedication to the craft of dancing. Funding for this specific purpose was provided privately by The Red Door Studio.

Q: I have more questions/where can I follow updates?

A: You can get in contact with us on Facebook by searching for LindyGoGo! Or you can email Anita at [email protected] if you do not have a Facebook.

Cover Price: $125 and up tier
Located at: Winnipeg, MB
Please visit: for more info!