Lindy Hop 1: 6-Count

Lindy Hop 1: 6-Count

Instructor: Suneil
When: Every Wednesday starting November 6th, 6:30 - 7:30
This 6 week course runs until December 11th.
What: Lindy Hop is the most popular style among swing dancers and is perfect for beginners! In this course we focus on basic 6 count dance moves. (In simple words, you count to 6)

This course is designed for absolute beginners. The instructor will assume you have no dance experience and start from the very beginning.

The object of this class is to get you dancing comfortably on the social dance floor. After you are done with the course, you can join Level 1: 8 count or any other swing dance course.

Lindy Hop has the flexibility to be danced in 6 or 8 count. In the advance levels, we switch between the two counts quite frequently, so this is just one starting point where we keep it simple and easy to understand.

Each time you take this course, the instructor will vary the moves from the previous course, to keep it fresh, but still provide you with the skills to get to the next level.

Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes. Preferably something flat and without grip. If you don't have anything, socks will be fine.

We can provide you with a dance partner if you need one. We do encourage rotating partners throughout the class. If you are attending this course with a partner, feel free to not rotate. We totally understand.

There will be practice time before and after class. Feel free to stick around and dance with us!

If you have any questions, please email Suneil at [email protected] or call 204 955-3489
Where: The One88 Church, 188 Princess Street
How:Register Here!